Welcome to the New HalHigdon.com Experience

Looking to run like Hal? On your marks… Get set… Go!

We have spent the past 12 months upgrading the look, feel, and experience of Hal Higdon’s website (and his social media channels) in an effort to evolve and enhance its offerings for you.

The core attributes of Hal’s training programs remain intact. Proven for decades, they are designed to help and inspire beginners and elite athletes alike. Our goal is to seamlessly connect you with the right plan, training advice, and race distance — choosing from more than 50 unique Hal Higdon programs.

HalHigdon.com now is:

  • Device-responsive, making it as accessible and user-friendly from a mobile phone as it is from a tablet, laptop or desktop computer;
  • Designed to provide robust yet easier-to-find offerings, with specific recommendations for those who declare themselves to be first-timers, prospective Boston Marathoners, and more;
  • Structured to explain— in Hal’s own words —why he has designed each program, and how he recommends using them;
  • Convertible from miles to kilometers. Click the tabs above any training schedule to switch back and forth.

Hal’s website serves more than 2.5 million unique visitors annually. A renowned author of three dozen books and long-time contributing editor of Runner’s World, Hal has a unique narrative style that attracts 1.3 million impressions on Twitter each month and reaches 14,000 Facebook users every day, many of whom are among the 75,000 followers on his primary fan page. Learn more about Hal in our revamped About Hal section, explore some of his best-selling books, follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and dive deeper into the benefits of using his interactive training programs.

Our partner, TrainingPeaks, builds and distributes Hal’s interactive programs and apps. They currently are undergoing additional development as we plan to evolve them in the months ahead to remain, like Hal, on the winning edge of technology.

Our efforts to improve HalHigdon.com and build deeper relationships between you and the Higdon Training Services are — and will continue to be — a collaborative family effort led by Hal and supported by his wife Rose as well as their three children and nine grandchildren.

Please let us know what you think of the new HalHigdon.com experience by emailing us at info@halhigdon.com. We welcome suggestions, answer questions, and we’re certainly open to both constructive criticism AND positive feedback.

Now, it is time to start running: Stride on!