10K Training

10K Training

TEN KILOMETERS IS A POPULAR RACING DISTANCE. Many runners start by entering a 5K, then shift upwards to the 10K (10,000 meters, or 6.2 miles) en route to a marathon. Or they begin at the half and full marathon distances and look downward, realizing they can improve their speed and race more frequently at shorter distances, often in smaller races. This is the theory behind my best-selling book, Run Fast. 10K races are fun to run and easy to train for. Unlike marathons, you don’t need to spend 18 weeks training specifically for them, and recovery time is measured in days, not weeks.


If this is your first 10K race, or race at any distance, pick the Novice program. If you are an experienced runner looking for a gentle maintenance program, do the same. If you are looking for more of a training challenge, move up to Intermediate. The most experienced runners probably would be happiest with Advanced. I also offer a walking program. See the links to programs at various levels, below.

On these screens, you will find instructions on how to train but for more detailed instructions plus extra training advice and tips, consider signing up for one of my interactive programs, available through TrainingPeaks. For eight weeks leading up to the 10K race of your choice, I will send you daily emails telling you how to train. .

So lace up your running shoes. It’s time to start training for the 10K.

10K Training

Make sure you are set to run your fastest for this increasingly popular distance. Whether an experienced runner or a first-timer, try Hal’s interactive 10K programs today.

  • Novice

    This program has been designed for new runners looking for a training program to prepare them for a 10K race. Or for experienced runners,...

  • Intermediate

    This is the Intermediate 10K Training Program, for runners who want to improve their performances. What defines an Intermediate runner? You should be running...

  • Advanced

    This 10K Training Program is for Advanced runners, those individuals who compete regularly in races up to 10K or beyond and who want to...

  • Walkers

    This program is designed for those training to walk a 10K, or 6.2 mile, race. It is currently not offered in an interactive version...