Training Programs

Whatever your race distance, we have a program for you.

After 30 years of professional running, writing, and coaching, I designed my very first online program in 1996. Over the years, my methods have been tried and proven by millions of runners, from novice to advanced. I have written several dozen books on running, including Run Fast and Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. I have worked with TrainingPeaks for over a decade to develop interactive programs to help runners train effectively and stay on track for race day. I also offer the basic schedule for each program for free, here on my website. -Hal Higdon

  1. Monitor your progress with TrainingPeaks’ online tools, apps, and wearable integrations
  2. Customize your training zones, heart rate thresholds, pace goals, and more
  3. Stay motivated with daily tips from Hal in your inbox
  4. Access charts and graphs to understand training load
  5. Tap into TrainingPeaks content and experience
  6. Toggle easily between miles and kilometers

Marathon Training

From Novice to Advanced, Hal offers more than a dozen different training programs for every skill level and pace. Incorporating wisdom from Hal’s bestseller Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, these marathon programs have evolved to suit the modern runner.Learn More

Half Marathon Training

Countless half-marathoners have used Hal’s programs, whether getting ready for their first race or their twentieth. Use our half marathon interactive plans to build endurance and taper properly for your next 13.1.Learn More

5K Training

Whether a first-time runner or a regular road-warrior, we know how much it means to get that personal best. Choose from four different programs designed for 5K runners.Learn More

8K Training

An often overlooked distance, 8Ks remain popular among cross-country runners, particularly in college programs. Hal has you covered, offering three levels for your next 8K.Learn More

10K Training

Make sure you are set to run your fastest for this increasingly popular distance. Whether an experienced runner or a first-timer, try Hal's interactive 10K programs today.Learn More

15K & 10 Mile Training

Strike the right balance of speed and stamina as you find a training program that helps you peak for your next 15K or 10-mile race. Choose from three different experience levels.Learn More

Post Marathon Recovery

Recovering from your latest marathon? Looking ahead to the next one? Hal offers programs to keep you moving even with race day behind you.Learn More

Base Training

Hal offers three levels of his 12-week Base Training program, designed to get you into shape for a race later in the year or help you maintain performance between races.Learn More

More Training

We offer a number of programs to prepare you for triathlons, tough weather, fitness walking, and more. New to running? Try Hal's Beginning Runner's Guide.Learn More