Train smarter with Hal Higdon apps

Hal currently offers six different training apps to keep you on-pace for your next Half-Marathon or Marathon, regardless of experience level. We are currently developing the next generation of Hal Higdon virtual coaching apps, which offer personalized workouts and advice - not just for one race, but for training year-round. Stay tuned!

Half Marathon Apps

Thousands of half-marathoners have used Hal’s apps to build endurance, maximize speed, and taper properly for 13.1. With verbal encouragement from Hal and a daily run schedule for any skill level, these apps will keep you on track for the big day.

Full Marathon Apps

From novice to advanced, Hal offers different marathon apps for every skill level and pace. Incorporating wisdom from Hal’s bestseller Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, we have you covered with more than 50 years of training and coaching experience.

  • The Novice 1 Plan
  • The Novice 2 Plan
  • The Intermediate 1 Plan
  • The Intermediate 2 Plan
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