Run Like Hal

After 30 years of professional running, writing, and coaching, I designed my very first online program in 1996. Over the years, my methods have been tried and proven by millions of runners, from novice to advanced. I have written several dozen books on running, including Run Fast and Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. I have worked with TrainingPeaks for over a decade to develop interactive programs to help runners train effectively and stay on track for race day. I also offer the basic schedule for each program for free, here on my website. -Hal Higdon

A training app that adapts to you.

Personalized training plans built on time-tested Hal Higdon programs. The official Run With Hal app will help you train year round and adapt to your experience, schedule, and target race. Run With Hal is free to download and use basic features, then you can unlock full personalization with a monthly subscription to Hal+. Get a free two-week trial to Hal+ today!