RUNNING BOOKS: The Hal Higdon Collection

During a long career as a runner and as a journalist, I have accumulated many running books, everything from Aerobics (signed by Ken Cooper) to Zatopek (signed by Emil Zatopek himself). Downsizing, I have begun to offer these books on eBay. The books mentioned above already have sold, but the following ones remain in what might be called The Hal Higdon Collection. Keep watching on eBay as we put them on sale--or if you see a title you like, contact us at:

Power Foods, 1991, Liz Applegate, PhD

The Runner’s Literary Companion, 1994, Garth Battista

Marathon, 2010 Richard A. Bellows

Basic Marathon Training, 2004, Leigh Ann Berry

Living With Exercise, 1991, Steven N. Blair, P.E.D.

Walking for Health, 1992, Mark Bricklin

Timeless Running Wisdom, 2011, Richard Benyo

Feeling Fit in Your 40s, 1987, Richard Benyo & Rhonda Provost

Making the Marathon Your Event, 1992, Richard Benyo (autographed)

Target 26, 1979, Skip Brown & John Graham

The Marathon, 1981, Marc Bloom

Great Races of the Northlands, 1983, Bruce Brothers (signed, Dick Beardsley)

Runner’s World Complete Book of Running, 1997, Amby Burfoot

Marathon, 1977, Gail Campbell

The Athlete’s Kitchen, 1981, Nancy Clark, RD

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 1990, Nancy Clark, RD

The New York City Marathon Cookbook, 1994, Nancy Clark, RD

Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for Marathoners, 2002, Nancy Clark, RD

Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for Marathoners, 2007, Nancy Clark

Eating for Endurance, 1988, Ellen Coleman, RD

Go the Distance!, 1995, Pat Connelly

A Scientific Approach to Distance Running, 1986, David L. Costill, Ph.D.

Inside Running, 1979, David L. Costill, Ph.D.

Running: The Athlete Within, 2002, David L. Costill, Ph.D. & Scott Trappe, Ph.D.

Comrades Marathon Yearbook, 1998, Tom Cottrell (autographed, Cottrell, Wally Hayward)

Guidelines for Successful Jogging, 1977, Rory Donaldson

Daniels’ Running Formula, 1998, Jack Daniels, Ph.D.

Runners on Running, 2011, Rich Elliott

Running Injury Free, 1994, Joe Ellis, D.P.M.

Biomarkers, 1992, William Evans, Ph.D., Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D.

How to be a Champion from 9 to 90, 2001, Earl W. Fee (autographed)

The 90-Day Fitness Walking Program, 1995, Mark Fenton & Serth Bauer

Peak When It Counts, 1989, William H. Freeman

The Runner’s Handbook, 1977, 1978, Bob Glover & Jack Shepherd

Return of the Tribes to Peachtree Street, 1995, Jeff Galloway (autographed)

Make The Connection, 1996, Bob Greene & Oprah Winfrey

Healing Your Heart, 1990, Herman Hellerstein, M.D. & Paul Perry

All I Know About Running, Hal Higdon (empty pages, gag book)

On Your Feet, 1998, Julie Isphording

The Complete Waterpower Workout Book, 1993, Lynda Huey & Robert Forster

Training Lactate, 1987, Pulse-Rate, Peter G.J.M. Janssen

The Elements of Effort, 1997, John Jerome

Slaying the Dragon, 1996, Michael Johnson

The Joy of Running, 1976, Thaddeus Kostrubala, M.D. (autographed)

The Art of Fast Walking, 1997, Ron Laird (autographed)

The Healing Art of Sports Massage, 1995, Joan Johnson

Runner’s World Guide to Running & Pregnancy, 2003, Chris Lundgren

Backs in Motion, 1996, Lewis G. Maharam, M.D.

The First Modern Olympics, 1976, Richard D. Mandell

Training Distance Runners, 1991, David E. Martin & Peter N. Coe

Healthy Runner’s Handbook, 1996, Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.

Sport Psychology & Running, 1987, Brian Miller

Exercise and Mental Health, 1987, William P. Morgan & Stephen E. Goldston

The Jim Ryun Story, 1967, Cordner Nelson (autographed)

The Miler, 1969, Cordner Nelson (autographed)

Running to the Top of the Mountain, 1988, Joe Newton & John F. Durkin

The Lore of Running, 1991, Tim Noakes, M.D.

The Lore of Running, 2003, Tim Noakes, M.D.

The Runner and the Path, 2002, Dean Ottati

In the Long Run, 1955, J. H. Peters & Johnny Johnston

Athletic Massage, 1984, Rich Phaigh & Paul Perry

Running Trax, 1996, J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.

Plyometrics, 1985, James C. Radcliffe & Robert C. Farentinos

Physiology of Sports, 1990, T. Reilly et al (autographed, Peter Snell)

The Complete Runner, 1974, Runner’s World

Charley Robbins’ Scrapbooks, Charley Robbins (autographed)

Masters Running and Racing, 1991, Bill Rodgers & Priscilla Welch

New Guide to Distance Running, 1978, Runner’s World

Running for Women, 1995, Joan Benoit Samuelson & Gloria Averbuch

Running Tide, 1987, Joan Benoit

Running with the Legends, 1996, Michael Sandrock

Your First Marathon, 1988, Jack Scaff, M.D. (autographed)

Your First Marathon, 2011, Jack H. Scaff, Jr., M.D. (autographed)

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, 1958, 1975, Alan Sillitoe

The Runners Book of Training Secrets, 1996, Ken Sparks, Ph.D. & Dave Kuehls

Franz Stampfl on Running, 1955, Franz Stampfl

Running, 1992, John Schubert

26.2 Marathon Stories, 2006, Kathrine Switzer & Roger Robinson

Science of Triathlon Training and Competition, 1985, Glenn P. Town

Running Over Forty, 2001, Bruce & Sue Tulloh (autographed)

Women’s Running, 1976, Joan Ullyot, M.D.

Beyond Strength, 1992, Steven Ungerleider, Ph.D. & Jacqueline M. Golding, Ph.D.

Quest for Success, 1995, Steven Ungerleider, Ph.D.

Lifetime Physical Fitness, 1985, Melvin H. Williams, Ph.D.

Beyond Training, 1989, Melvin H. Williams, Ph.D.

The Ergogenics Edge, 1998, Melvin H. Williams, Ph.D.

Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, 2007, Melvin H. Williams, Ph.D. (autographed)


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