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About This Guide

Welcome to my Beginning Skier's Guide. This online, instructional introduction to the sport of cross-country skiing was done in a format patterned after my popular Beginning Runner's Guide available both online and as a booklet, now into its third printing. The online version appeared during the winter of 2000-2001, which appropriately featured plenty of snow for skiing, at least in the Midwest. I added cross-country skiing to my winter training routine a quarter century ago. I love the sport, because it changes your attitude towards winter, particularly if you are a runner. When snow narrows their regular running routes, runners can grab their skis and head into the woods. Better to do that than complain all winter long.

This website is visited most often by runners looking for training programs, particularly for the marathon. As a result, this Guide has been designed with my key audience in mind. I want to motivate runners and other non-skiers who appreciate the values of physical fitness to take up the sport of cross-country skiing. Partly for this reason, I have not included advice at this point on how to skate, that "other" technique discussed in the Two Techniques. You may disagree, but it's my opinion that most beginners can gain easiest access to the sport using the classic technique. And as a cross-training exercise for runners, in-track skiing comes closer to developing and/or using the muscles used in running. I may add some skating advice at a later point. Go ahead, you skaters, yell at me! (This Guide has been up nearly a year, and so far none have.)

I eventually plan to publish Beginning Skier's Guide as a booklet. Whether or not this happens this winter depends upon my finding time in my busy schedule. If you work at a nordic center or sports store that features cross-country ski equipment, you might want to offer this booklet for sale to help your customers gain access to the sport. It would be a fine giveaway to people purchasing their first set of skis, poles and boots. For those retailers ordering in quantity, we will offer discount prices: one low price if you come in before the first print order (since that will give us an idea of how many copies to print), another low price if you order after we have booklets in hand. Individual copies will probably cost $4.50, same as the Beginning Runner's Guide. It was the success of that Guide for runners that motivated me to create this Guide for skiers.

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