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Half Marathon Training Guide

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon programs are available through TrainingPeaks
Twelve Weeks to a 13.1-Mile Race

THE HALF MARATHON IS A FRIENDLY DISTANCE. Beginners, who have gotten their introduction to road running in a 5-K or 10-K, can look to the half as the next step upward. Experienced runners like half marathons, because training for and racing 13 miles requires somewhat less time commitment than does a full 26. 

The excitement around half marathons often is the same as at a marathon--except you get to go home early. Also, you can use half marathon races as part of your training for later marathons. Knowing your time at the half gives you a good idea of what to expect when you run the full marathon. This is why more than four times as many runners now run half marathons vs. full marathons.

To plan your training program for the half marathon, click on one of the appropriate links on the accompanying menu. For more detailed instructions plus extra training advice and tips, consider signing up for one of my Interactive programs, available through TrainingPeaks. For twelve weeks, I will send you daily emails telling you how to train. Consider also acquiring a copy of my latest book, Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training, available from Human Kinetics.

So lace up your running shoes. It's time to start training for your half marathon race.