Rose Higdon Biography

Rose HigdonRose Musacchio Higdon grew up on the South Side of Chicago, where her Italian-born parents operated a shoe repair and dry cleaning store. After graduating from Fenger High School, she attended Chicago Teachers College (now Chicago State University). Her first assignment was teaching fourth grade at Howland School in a tough West Side ghetto area, where you grow up fast or don't survive. Musacchio not only survived, she accumulated skills that later in life would see her named one of the finalists for Indiana Teacher of the Year. She married Hal Higdon in 1958 and retired temporarily while raising three children and moving to Long Beach, just outside Michigan City, Indiana. She volunteered for various organizations and served as president of the Dunes Arts Foundation, a sponsor of summer theatre. She returned to teaching in 1974 at Mullen School in Michigan City, transferring later to Long Beach School. In 1993, she collaborated with her husband to publish Falconara: A Family Odyssey. This autobiographical book told the story of seven families who fled Albania in the 15th century, founding a village in Italy where people have retained their Albanian language and customs for 500 years! In 1994, she retired from teaching to assist husband Hal market his books at Expos and on the Internet. She also has served as an officer in Delta Kappa Gamma and the American Association of University Women. In addition to three children, Rose Musacchio Higdon also has nine grandchildren.