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Hal Higdon

Pop Art - Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye!Hello, Goodbye!

Buy a limited-edition print of this tribute to The Beatles for only $75.00

I created this ink drawing at the request of Connie Kassal, director of the Harbert Gallery at the Old School Community Center in Long Beach. It was part of an exhibit focused on The Beatles. Each participating artist was assigned a different Beatles tune. I was given Hello, Goodbye! Coincidentally, George Harrison died, so I dedicated the drawing to him (and John). The dates of their deaths appear in the art: 1980 and 2001.

This Hello, Goodbye! drawing is now available in a limited-edition 13 by 15- inch print, each one numbered and signed by me. I had 25 copies printed on quality paper, and fifteen of those already are gone. The price of each print (unframed) is $75.00, including shipping and handling. If you would like to purchase one of the prints or want more information, please contact us by email Roadrunner Press, or telephone 219-879-0133.


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